Ghana movie industry makes history, joins Oscars in 2018

Ghana movie industry makes history, joins Oscars in 2018

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Ghana’s film industry has been granted a rare opportunity to show what its worth at the 2018 Oscars.

What this means is that a careful selection of world-class movies in Ghana will be selected to compete for the Academy Awards at the Oscars.

Selected movies shall all be screened by a 14-member committee ahead of the historic award.

Should any of Ghana’s movies make it through the screening, they will be standing against the world’s best movies at the 90th Oscars event in 2018. Even if they are successful, they may not be shown in local movie theatres or included in the year’s new releases on streaming services so you might have to do a bit of digging using tools like a Pirate Bay proxy to find them, if you want to watch them yourself.

This dream of Ghana making it to the Oscars was realized when actress and comedian, Leila Djansi expressed high hopes in the Ghanaian movie industry. Leila believes that “it is time to tell a different story about Ghana and Africa” and that “the Hollywood narrative has always been poverty-prone, HIV and war”.

This remains great news for Ghana especially because the last time an African country won a movie award on the global stage was in 1976 by Ivory Coast which came out with the lovely movie, Black and White in Colour.

To this effect, all filmmakers in Ghana are being entreated to take the brave step of preparing their stories for submission as the 14-member team which includes members of the Ghana film industry prepare to screen all movies for the prestigious award.

But Ghana’s movie industry continues to face various challenges as most producers have their dreams and stories lay dead on the shelf due to a lack of financing.

The quality of movies also remains an issue as most local movies are argued to go through poor production processes – a development which has even seen other West African movie industries as Nollywood take over the Ghanaian film industry.




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