Ghanaian Youth Must Rise Against Politicians – Sony Achiba

Ghanaian Youth Must Rise Against Politicians – Sony Achiba

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Veteran Ghanaian musician Sony Achiba has urged the youth in Ghana to rise up against Ghanaian politicians since they are the main cause of Ghana’s seeming retrogression.

Speaking in an interview with in London, the Indian-styled entertainer bemoaned the way Ghanaian Politicians are toying with the country’s economy and mentioned that state is of affairs is very miserable and one does not need a third eye to be told things are not going well.

He emphasized on the fact that right from when you drop from the airport, to when you get to your bedroom you will notice senior officers all begging for money literally due to poor service conditions and high cost of living

He described the parliamentarians who are supposed to see to the needs of their constituencies as comedians.

And for those who think is all about prayers, Sony Achiba said that prayers cannot be used to solve economic crisis.

“When you travel and you see how these whites are managing their economy, you will realize that majority of our parliamentarians are comedians and to the pastors who always shift the blames on prayers and spiritual directions, we don’t use prayers to solve the economy “

He then advised Ghanaian youth to put more pressure on politicians to make Ghana work again .




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