Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageant 2018: Volta And Upper West Reps Evicted

Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageant 2018: Volta And Upper West Reps Evicted

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It was a night of tension fused with the zeal to impress and be kept in the competition for all the 10 contestants in this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant.

But no matter how much effort was brought to bear, two contestants had to exit the competition, to the shock of many.

Unfortunately, it was Upper West Region representative, Nuo, and Volta Region’s Dzifa.

News of the very first eviction in this year’s competition was all over; contestants knew, and their fans were well informed as well, but little did these two groups of people know it was going to be two contestants exiting the competition.

At the end of the performance from all 10 contestants, the judges and fans decided that it was time to bid farewell to the Upper West and Volta regional representatives.

Nuo, who performed as a cleaner on the night, and Dzifa, a sanitary inspector on the night, failed to proceed in the competition.

The night saw contestants take time one after the other to educate the audience and viewers at home on the importance of hand washing and the importance of practising good sanitation ahead of the Global Hand Washing Day.

Abena from the Eastern Region opened the show, performing as a sanitation warrior. She made sure that water bodies are not polluted by the dumping of refuse in them, amid other insanitary activities.

She was followed by Nabia, a food vendor who educated her colleague vendor on the need to sell within a clean environment and make handwashing a regular habit.

Western Region’s Adepa came in as a radio presenter, educating her listeners on the importance of hand washing and living in a clean environment.

Wekia from the Upper East Region, who appeared as a community health nurse, took members of her community through how to thoroughly wash hands, as well as using clean water at all times.

Upper West’s Nuo was a street sweeper, highlighting some negative attitudes of people on the street, and called on all to desist from dumping refuse on the streets.

Coincidentally, Nuo was followed by Dzifa, who performed as a sanitary inspector, charging people within her community to desist from open defaecation and use of clean toilets with running water.

Brong Ahafo Region’s Ohema came through as a model shooting an advocacy commercial, which urges mothers as well as all persons to regularly wash their hands with clean water and soap.

Ohema was followed by Tewa from the Central Region. She was a customer at the market who refused to buy from a trader because she was unkempt.

She therefore educated the said trader and others at the market about hand washing, and how to properly do that.

Ashanti Region’s Afrah came in as a teacher, educating her students about the importance of hand washing.

Naa from the Greater Accra Region came in as a university student throwing a party.

At the party, she made sure her friends washed their hands with soap and clean water before eating at the party.

At the end of the night, Wekia emerged as Star Performer, with Nuo and Dzifa saying goodbye to the remaining contestants as they exit the competition.

The battle is on now, the girls are done warming up, as serious business of eviction has officially kicked off.

If the look of shock on the faces of the remaining contestants as the evictees were announced is anything to go by, it tells how the game is going to change now, with the girls having at the back of their minds that any of them could be evicted at any point from now.

Ghana’s Most Beautiful airs every Sunday at 8:00pm and is live on all TV3 social media platforms with up-to-the-minute updates as the show goes on.

This year’s competition under the catchphrase, ‘This is the Life’, has lived up to promises of excitement and education from producers of the show as contestants take turns every week to educate the public on relevant social issues through creative performances.




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