Glitz Style Awards 2019 – Call For Nominations

Glitz Style Awards 2019 – Call For Nominations

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Ghana’s premier lifestyle brand, Glitz Africa is back with the fifth edition of its highly anticipated event,
“Glitz Style Awards”, which celebrates individuals setting trends and defying the odds with their Fashion
Categories for this year’s Style Awards are:

  1. Red Carpet Designer of the Year
    Most innovative designer whose outfits have graced various red carpet shows and have received many
    positive reviews on their quality of style and design.
  2. Model of the Year
    A model (male or female) who under the year of review, has been a strong force in the modelling
    industry and is making a remarkable impact on the Ghanaian/international fashion scene.
  3. Style Influencer of the Year (Africa)
    An individual who is a style inspiration to many, sets trends and has a great impact on the fashion
    industry with their individual style.
  4. Movie personality of the Year
    An actor/actress who captures attention with his/her stunning fashion and style choices regardless of
    event or occasion.
  5. Glitz Africa Magazine Style Icon – (Not public voting)
    An individual who embodies the spirit of the city and is an international ambassador for Accra as a
    creative fashion capital.
  6. African Designer of the Year
    An internationally acclaimed designer who has influenced the direction of fashion across borders.
  7. Artiste of the year
    An individual who captures attention with stunning fashion and style choices on stage, on and off
  8. Emerging Designer of the Year
    An innovative designer who is emerging as an influential force in the Ghanaian fashion industry.
  9. Business Leader of the Year (Honourary)
    A business or corporate personality who embodies the spirit of fashion and style.
  10. Fashion Blogger of the Year (Africa)
    A fashion blogger who portrays consistency, originality of content, user engagement and blog popularity
    with a sense of professionalism.
  11. Best Dressed Celebrity on the Red Carpet
    An individual whose regalia on the red carpet consistently captures attention due to his/her exquisite
    style and sense of fashion.
  12. Fashion Photographer of the Year
    A fashion photographer who demonstrates a fresh eye for images with impact, originality and creativity;
    as well as one who creates beautiful images showing how fashion is more than just clothing, but a true
    medium of art.
  13. Designer of the Year
    A fashion designer who has carved a niche of creating original and innovative designs within the
    Ghanaian fashion industry.
  14. Makeup Artist of the Year
    A makeup artist whose skill and professional contribution has made recognizable impact in the beauty
    and fashion industry.
  15. Stylist of the Year
    An individual with the ability to put together outfits which perfectly suits an occasion or event.
    16 Social Media Style Influencer of the Year
    An individual who shows passion for promoting fashion and style through social media.
  16. Local beauty brand of the Year
    A beauty brand which has made a significant contribution to both local beauty and fashion industries in

Nominations are now open. Kindly send your nominations to or fill out
form at
Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, August 20, 2019.
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