Grace Has Brought Me This Far – Lord Kenya

Grace Has Brought Me This Far – Lord Kenya

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When the then Rap Heavyweight Champion, Lord Kenya became born again some nine years ago, many were those who thought it was going to be a nine day’s wonder but nine years down the line and he is still going strong.

He told Graphic Showbiz in an interview last Tuesday that it is grace that has kept him going. “By the grace of God it has been humbling, with good experiences and all, the one who called me has kept me going,” he said.

“This is just the beginning, I know my journey will be more than that. The grace of God is what has kept me, there are rules and regulations to guide us in whatever we do but it is very important to know that we serve God first, others and ourselves.”

Evangelist Lord Kenya added that he has been guided by some principles which are Justice and Fairness, “When you don’t do what God has asked you to do, you die, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

“Then there is maturity, wisdom and love, it is knowing what is right and wrong and doing what is right, finally loving my neighbours as I love myself,” he said.

Asked if there is anything he misses now that he is a man of God? “I am a man of God, the physical aspect of it is that I have a mind, I have feelings, a will.

“Physically, I am human and I ask myself questions like why DJs don’t play my songs now that I am a Christian? They may be spiritually blind but the one who called me will see me through,” Lord Kenya stated.

Evangelist Lord Kenya shared his ninth anniversary in Christ celebrations with us, “It was a week-long celebration and it was awesome, from head to toe, we had an awesome time with God.

“Before I came from the US, I was told it was raining everyday but from Sunday to Sunday, there was no rain. People came from all over the country and it was simply awesome.

“There was evangelism, youth day, word explosion, all night and the climax was on Sunday, November 3 where we had communion and a powerful thanksgiving service,” he said.

Lord Kenya’s recent trip to the United States took him to Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Masachusettes where he was engaged in the work of God, “They knew me as the Lord who would usually come and chill but this time, I was coming back as an evangelist.

“I ministered in various churches across the states I visited and there was healing. Someone who had not walked in nine years, started walking again.

“God’s time is indeed the best, to think that I was about to celebrate my ninth anniversary and I got someone to walk after nine years,” he said.

Evangelist Lord Kenya had a piece of advice for the youth before leaving us, “This end time, God is after the youth, watch out for fake politicians, fake men of God, fake journalists etc.

“The youth is under attack, you have to stand against anything the Bible is against especially fake men of God.

“Don’t sell your soul for little things, don’t let them take you for granted. When you honour God, God will honour you,” he concluded.




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