Happy Birthday Itz Tiffany

Happy Birthday Itz Tiffany

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Scandalous Ghanaian rapper-Itz Tiffany is celebrating her birthday today.

The “Spinner” hitmaker was born on 20th March 1987.

To celebrate her birthday this year, the musician has flown some of her friends to Miami, Florida according to Ghanacelebrities.com.

Considering all she went through last year, she definitely has a good reason to celebrate and hope that this year does not come with anything like what the previous fetched her.

Itz Tiffany has been hit with a number of scandals in the past , the lastest being the release of 3 different sex tapes in November 2014 showing her and her ex-boyfriend in different sexual act including dragging her bare butt on the floor—claiming to be cursing her then boyfriend who was gladly recording the incident.

Last year definately didn’t end on a good note for her, but she seem to be coming out stronger.

A birthday party in Miami is well-deserving and very neccesary at this point before she heads back to Ghana.

Happy birthday to Itz Tiffany.


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