Having Girls Feels Like Winning The Lottery – George Quaye

Having Girls Feels Like Winning The Lottery – George Quaye

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Sunday, June 16, was Father’s Day and as the world celebrated the contribution of fathers to society, one personality who also marked the day was PRO of Charterhouse, George Quaye.

Unlike many men who prefer having sons, George, who has two girls tells Showbiz that he loves having daughters.

According to him, growing up, his dream was to get married and have beautiful girls and he is glad he is living that dream.

“ I have always said I love girls and if I even had 200 children I wish they were all girls. I do better with girls than boys, I am very comfortable with girls and I love my girls so much,” he said.

He said that the feeling when he was told his first born was a girl was something else. “It was as if I had won the lottery when I was told I had a baby girl. When I had the second baby girl I was so overwhelmed,” he added.

About why he love girls so much, George Quaye said his sisters did so much for him when he was growing up adding that his beautiful wife, who is always there for him, also made him develop a deep love for girls.

“Wherever I go and I see baby girls they seem to bond with me. Naturally girls or ladies are always glued to their daddy and they come back no matter what but boys will always leave when they marry or get into serious business,” he said.

Asked whether more children were on the horizon, George Quaye said he was okay for now. “I think two lovely daughters is okay for now. My first daughter is four years and the second is two years,” he said.

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