Hiplife group KECHE Share some of the Crazy things Ghanaian Artists Do to each other

Hiplife group KECHE Share some of the Crazy things Ghanaian Artists Do to each other

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Multiple hit makers KECHE currently promoting their new single In His Time took time out to grant yfmghana.com an exclusive interview.

The duo revealed the music industry changes people once they get a hit.

“From day one we told ourselves we wanted to be number one in Africa. We were listening to P Square and we wanted to be on their level. Whatever you see now is just the beginning.”

“When Pressure, Sokode and Aluguntugui became hits. Everything changed.”

“The understanding changes once you become a star. Everything will change. The ideas you had before you came in is different. You come in and you realize the game is bigger than you thought it was.”

“The game taught us a lot. Different people have different understanding and you have to learn how to deal with different people at different times. The game is different from what people see out there.”

“The industry is just like a family, even in your family there are people who likes you and who doesn’t. The hatred and everything is normal at this point because after eight years we are getting used it.”

“There are times when other artists are told we are on the bill with them and they request that we are taking off the bill before they accept to perform. They don’t want you perform before or after them. They don’t want you perform on the same stage and show with them.”

“There are times you go to a show without your DJ and need a DJ to help you out and then they agree but at the last minute they refuse because another artist told them not to.”

According to the Pressure boys, “Success attracts natural jealousy…”

“Success attracts natural jealousy and when you are getting bigger, these things happen and we now know how to cope. We go to shows and someone intentionally pulls a plug for the mics to go off just to distract the flow of the show.

Another instance is when we were in USA and the promoter showed us text messages of Ghanaian artists telling him not to promote our shows.



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