I Am Afraid Of Women – Joe Shortingo

I Am Afraid Of Women – Joe Shortingo

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Although diminutive actor Joseph Pamfo, also known as Joe Shortingo, claims to get a lot of proposals from women, he says he rejects them all because he is very scared.

“Women can make or unmake you and seeing how many of my friends have been destroyed by women makes me afraid to even date someone,” he told Graphic Showbiz last Monday.

According to Joe Shortingo, settling down with the right woman is his problem because he is too careful.

“Although I have a lot of women crushing on me all the time, I am very careful who to go in for so that my future is not ruined. I know that some women are good and can make you progress when you settle down with them, but the things I have heard and seen with my own eyes through friends make me really scared,” he explained.

Joe Shortingo told Graphic Showbiz he was not exactly sure when he would settle down but it would probably be after he had achieved most of his goals.

“There are so many things I want to achieve in life and until that is done, women can hold on for now. At the appropriate time when I have all I need, then I will settle down with one beautiful lady because I love tasteful women,” he said.

He is one actor who speaks fluent English and likes to mix it up in movies, and he says he reads a lot because his aim is to star in Hollywood movies.

“Some people think I have lived in America all my life but I was born and raised at Abeka Lapaz in Accra. I can easily take up any role in any Hollywood movie because I am good at what I do and when it comes to the command over the English language, I have no problem at all,” he said.

Asked how it was to act with colleagues such as Jackie Appiah and John Dumelo in English movies and the Akan actors in Kumawood, Joe Shortingo, who is known for movies such as ‘Yeeko Mmaa P3’, ‘Fatal Lust’, ‘Bosomba’ and ‘No Time to Die’, said there was no difference because he could express himself well in both languages.

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