I am Not Heartless, I Feel Her Pains: BEVERLY OSU

I am Not Heartless, I Feel Her Pains: BEVERLY OSU

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Months ago, we met Beverly Osu at the Kotoka International airport and mistakenly during a hug my left hand touched a swollen flesh above her right ribs. The pain was felt so immediately I apologies: “Don’t worry my dear, I’m getting use to the mark 2shotz left on me”, her reply.

It could be recalled that in 2013 the former Big Brother Africa housemate, Beverly Osu, accused Nigerian rapper 2shotz of beating and assaulting her when they were dating, an allegation 2shotz’s wife ‘Precious Jones’ defended. But to the amazement of Beverly’s followers, Precious has tasted it… she is giving her testimony.


‘Mrs. 2shotz’ gathered the courage to unmask her husband to her friend, Chino! However, what was meant to be confidential leaked online. “Anyone who’s been in an abusive relationship knows that it’s never that simple. Ending a relationship, even an abusive one, is rarely easy. I know what I went through and although she made me feel stupid before the media…. I feel her pain sha” Beverly sympathized via phone call.


Majority of domestic violence victims are women because typically, men are physically stronger than women. Ini Edo is alleged to have filed for divorce to prevent a pre-matured death in her marriage because she was silently abused on daily basis. Men need to Respect a Woman!

Attached are screengrabs of Precious Jones tweets attack against Beverly and her secret whatsapp conversation with Chino. In one of her tweets dated 8th August, 2013, she said: “Nothing is hidden under the sun… the truth will eventually unfold.” Indeed, it has!

source: YEMOH IKE



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