I Am Sometimes Tempted To Return To Hiplife – Yaw Siki

I Am Sometimes Tempted To Return To Hiplife – Yaw Siki

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Hiplife artiste-now-turned-evangelist Yaw Siki says he received and handled the biggest amount of money when he gave his life to Christ contrary to what others may think.

The evangelist, who is now called Brother Yaw, made this revelation on TV3‘s New Day on Wednesday, November 7.

Asked if he misses the huge sums of money he made as a hiplife musician, the evangelist said Christianity has given him much more than he ever handled while in the world.

“Even then, I was not having big money, I was yet to make it big…It was even when I got into Christ that I saw the biggest money in my life.

“It was an offering, someone just called me and said Yaw, this is what God wants me to give to you, and he gave it to me,” he told New Day host Johnnie Hughes.

The Wope dodo hitmaker gave his life to Christ after he was involved in a near-fatal accident.

Since 2013, he decided to ditch secular music and focus on preaching the gospel.

Speaking about his turnaround of some five years, he noted that although he is sometimes tempted to go back to the world, he takes consolation in doing the work of God; hence he is committed to sticking to preaching the gospel.

“Honestly sometimes when I am there and I see some of the people that I started rapping with, and I see they are at certain levels, I feel that if I were there, I would have been up too, but I remember that I have a mission to fulfill, and that is what is more important, because many people will be blessed.

“I am not going back, even though I am tempted to, even though I am tested to, even though there are things that want me to go back, I am not going back because I am not fulfilled there…I wasn’t fulfilled, I was empty, when I came to Christ, preaching…. These works make me fulfilled.”

Referring to highlife musician Ofori Amponsah, who also abandoned secular music and later returned with a highlife song, Brother Yaw said Ghanaians should give Ofori Amponsah a chance to find himself.

“…Once he is still alive and kicking, it means God has not given up on him, and so we should also not give up on him, we should pray for him , intercede that his divine purpose will fulfilled, that God will use him for all that he wants to use him for so that you and I will benefit .”

Yaw Siki is scheduled to preach the gospel at a programme dubbed ‘Jericho Accra’

It is an annual event hosted by Prophet Emmanuel Agyei.

The event, which begins on November 11 through to November 18, will see Brother Yaw and some other showbiz personalities in the evangelism business share their stories and preach the gospel to inspire patrons.

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