I Didn’t Have A Passion For Modelling, I Learned To Love It – Araba Sey Reveals

I Didn’t Have A Passion For Modelling, I Learned To Love It – Araba Sey Reveals

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Araba Sey, a fast-rising Ghanaian fashion model and brand influencer has shared how she learned to love modelling even though she initially didn’t have a passion for the craft. 

The model during a recent interview in Nigeria spoke about how she learnt to love modelling, and how people around her inspired her.  

“Modelling wasn’t something that was a passion for me from childhood. But growing up when I got to the university a lot of people kept telling me I looked like a model and it fit me and so I assessed myself and thought about it, “recalled Sey. 

“I decided to research more about modelling and know what it entails. I was watching fashion shows, following models and I realized it was something interesting.” Sey also spoke about her first commercial job. 

 “So, I had this picture on social media and there was this photographer who thought I was a model and wanted me to do a shoot for him. It was through him that I shot my first commercial. I wasn’t really experienced by then but God’s favor came my way and I had my first shoot with a big bank in Ghana.”

After her first commercial work, Sey did other shoots leading to the decision to pursue modelling as a career.  

Since then, Sey has worked with leading brands including GTP, Stanbic Bank, Nizoral Shampoo, and Nigeria’s Super Bold Magazine. 

She mentioned international model Naomi Campbell as an inspiration. 

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