I Don’t Believe In Prophecies – Donzy Chaka

I Don’t Believe In Prophecies – Donzy Chaka

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Ghanaian prophets have in recent times at every point in time decided to give one prophecy or the other. Some of these prophecies are usually negative with a few positive ones.

In as much as these prophets have decided to give their prophecies – either positive or negative, Ghanaian rapper, Donzy Chaka has also in plain terms stated that he does not believe in the prophecies of these men of God.

The rapper revealed that he was recently approached by a fan of his who told him that a prophet had told him that he (Donzy) was going to die very soon through a motor accident. The Tema-based rapper stated that he quickly told this fan that he should tell the so-called man of God that he does not like such prophecies because he does not believe in them.

The ‘Crusade’ hitmaker also added that he is sometimes surprised when he hears prophets put fear in Christians because of death. Donzy questioned the logic in why a Christian should be afraid of death because it is believed that death is to the benefit of a Christian.

Donzy continued to make the point that every Christian who dies is supposed to go to heaven and as such prophets should allow their members to die and stop the negative prophecies.

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