I Don’t Drink Alchohol Or Smoke ‘Wee’ – Medikal

I Don’t Drink Alchohol Or Smoke ‘Wee’ – Medikal

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Considering the power and boundless energy he exudes when he mounts the stage, one may wrongly assume rapper, Medikal gets ‘help’ from enhancers to perform since most times, drugs and alcohol go hand in hand with music.

But the “Too Risky” singer stays away from the hard stuff and lives a drug and alcohol-free life despite being connected to the mainstream party culture.

In a chat with Showbiz, Medikal revealed the stereotype of the alcohol and drug-addled rapper doesn’t apply universally.

“I do not drink alcohol nor smoke cigarettes, weed or anything that people can think of.

“You are not out of place to ask if I do these things because of how I look and the kind of music I do but I’m sorry to burst your bubble. I do not do any of these things.

Touching on the source of the power with which he performs on stage and his energetic dance moves, Medikal said “I do not take anything before I mount stage to perform.

“Everything you see me do up there, is plain me. There is no help from any substance. No enhancers.

“The truth of the matter is that, the way my system is, if I take anything of that sort, I will dull and would not be able to do perform. I might even fall asleep.

“What I bring on stage is as a result of the love I have for what I do. I need to feel what I am doing for my fans to also feel same so that is what results in the energy and power.”

Moving on to other things Medikal touched on his ‘controversial’ tweet of about a month ago where he said he was never going to marry although he is in an amorous relationship with colleague musician, Sister Debbie.

Medikal said, he was surprised how people took it personal, “I was shocked how it went viral, it was nothing serious. It was just a quote I heard in a movie that I posted and people took it to the next level.

“As soon I realised it was causing such a stir, my manger advised I delete it so I did just that.”

He then goes on to assure his fans that everything was just fine between him and Sister Debbie and they are still waxing strong.

“Debbie and I are still going strong. There is nothing wrong with us, everything is fine, so there is no cause for alarm.”

Medikal,24, is one of Ghana’s youngest HipHop artistes. He is signed under the AMG Record Label, Medikal and has released a couple of hit songs such as Confirm, Forever My Love (featuring Bisa Kdei), Confirm Remix (featuring Sarkodie), By Heart Boy, Connect, Too Risky (featuring Sister Derby) and Bless You.

He won the Best Discovery Video of the Year Award 2016 at the MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards.

Medikal also received seven nominations at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

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