I Don’t Mind Dreadlocks – Joe Mettle

I Don’t Mind Dreadlocks – Joe Mettle

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Joe Mettle, a Ghanaian gospel artist has expressed he has no problem with other gospel artiste having dreadlocks or other peculiar hairstyles.

Speaking on Happy FM’s ‘Ayekoo Drive’, the ‘My Everything’ hitmaker stated that, “there is nothing wrong with someone having a Rasta hairstyle, it is just that our culture does not condone it that much”.

According to him, “Christianity is faith-based and people may choose to have any hairstyle of their choices, though Ghana has her own culture, and we are all expected to live by these culturally defined norms”.

Joe Mettle further added that, “we have the right to do all things but not all things are right”. He, however, stated that, it may not be necessarily sinful to have Rasta hairstyle or a peculiar haircut, but it can serve as a distraction to other people. This is because musicians serve as role models to their fans. In such cases, other young Christians can also spot the same hairstyle and may even overdo it”.

He mentioned that, “peculiar haircuts are spotted by most gospel artistes in Europe and that is accepted because their culture permits it, it resonates with them and their messages are sent across without distortion, and that does not make them sinful. If we also want to practice same, then we should be wary about them because of where we come from”.

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