I Earn More In Nigeria Than Ghana – Ian Wordi

I Earn More In Nigeria Than Ghana – Ian Wordi

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Don’t be surprise to see Ian Wordi working most often in Nigeria than his homeland Ghana.

It’s appears the Nigga movie industry is not only doing well because it has a great number of talented individuals but it places monetary value on it actors and actress.

During an interview with Lerny Lomotey on The Entertainment Arena, the actor cum model revealed that Nigeria movie directors pay movie stars well as compared to their counterpart in Ghana, the reason he’s always in Nigeria.

Although he has played few gigs in Ghana, it not as much as those he had done far away Nigeria.

“Nigeria pays more, far, far, Ghana use to be on top but now things have changed. A lot of Ghanaians are moving into Nigeria because the industry is not doing well” he said when he was quizzed on why he prefer the Nigeria industry to that of Ghana.

He however noted that, the Ghanaian movie market is picking up and doing well in certain quarters such as the storyline, videography etc.

He has therefore urged that more money should be pump into the industry to make it very attractive and viable so to reach the high status of the Hollywood’s and other massive movie industries in the world.

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