I Had The Most Popular Gospel Song In 2015- Mary Owusu

I Had The Most Popular Gospel Song In 2015- Mary Owusu

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Accra based Gospel singer Mary Owusu has never being nominated by the VGMAs in her 12

years of singing, but she believes this is her year.

“I feel Gods time is the best, when my time is due God will give it to me. I think this year is my

year and God will give it to me because my song was the most popular gospel song in 2015.”

According Mary her song “W’ owo Nkwa, Wowo Ade3” song very popular both on radio and

TV in Accra and even more popular outside Accra. Mary stated that if the VGMA is based on

popularity, then she would surely win award or more this year.

She said she performed on several shows and in churches nationwide within the year.

Mary Owusu further expressed her feelings should in case she wins an award “Eii my brother I

will be very happy, I will be grateful to God because it is His will for me to get the

nomination/award.” She expressed her joy should in case her song or album wins her an award

at this year’s VGMAs because it will be her first award or nomination in her 12 year music


Mary Owusu is the voice behind “Holy Ghost fire” which made massive waves in 2007. She

followed up with another one which took Ghana by surprise in 2012 titled “Ahitophel agyenayuo

nu aye kwa” and in 2015 she released another ground breaking hit which she calls “Onyame

beye ne dwuma”.

Currently Mary has three successful albums to her credit but has no award or nomination to that


Speaking to Mary she attributed her situation to lake of proper management because at the time

she released her first two albums that’s “Holy Ghost fire” and Ahitophel agyenayuo nu aye kwa”

she had no one to push and submit her songs for award nominations.

“No, I have never been nominated or won any award in my career because I have not had

anyone to handle that aspect of my career but with my current album my new management is

taking care of that.”

She also added that current of the Ghanaian Gospel music industry is better than it used to be

because a lot of things have changed in terms of structures.



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