I want to get marriage right – Yvonne Nelson

I want to get marriage right – Yvonne Nelson

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In a recent sit-down with MzGee of Joy News, popular film and television actress Yvonne Nelson discussed the influence that growing up in a single-parent household has had on her approach to marriage and starting a family.

“I was raised by my mum alone,” she said.

Opening up about her childhood, the ‘Heels & Sneakers’ star admitted that her fatherless development is something that scares her in making moves towards marriage.

“As a kid growing up, it disturbed me not having a father figure around. I don’t want my child to go through the same thing,” she said.

Leading up to her 30th birthday, Ms Nelson revealed that she had difficulty moving beyond pressures of marriage and motherhood.

As it turns out, she had the same expectations for herself that she grew to feel intimidated by.

The former Miss Ghana contestant had expected to have a baby by the time she celebrated three decades of life.

Looking back on her life so far, she wonders, “How did I get here?”

Despite the pressures, Yvonne is adamantly cautious.

“I just don’t want to rush into something and then in eight months or in a year, I’m divorced and everyone is talking about it… I want to get it right,” Miss Nelson said.

The problem, she says, is not a lack of suitors, but rather a lack of certainty as to whether or not suitors are the right fit.

“It’s not like women like [me] don’t have men approach us. But you’d ask yourself, ‘is this the right person?” she explained.

Speaking about life under the magnifying glass of fame, Miss Nelson said; “People are always concerned about who I’m hanging out with, what I’m wearing, where I’m sleeping, what I’m posting on Instagram. I don’t understand [it].”

Despite not having reached her former goal of having a husband and a family of her own started by the age of 30, the actress, who will turn 31 on November 12th of this year, is determined that things will fall into place for her soon.

“It will happen soon, in God’s time,” optimistic Miss Nelson said.

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