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Ghanaian Afro-Dancehall artiste Samini has revealed on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”, that he wanted telecommunication company MTN to sign his musical rival Shatta Wale.

According to Samini he has always seen Shatta Wale as a great artiste and he took him along almost every opportunity that came his way at that time.

“If you ask George Andah of MTN, former Marketing Manager of MTN, before I even signed the MTN deal, when he asked me who else I was thinking of from my genre in Ghana at the time that can make an impact after me, even way before all this started; ask George Andah the name I mentioned to him. Asked George Andah my manager Tony was there”.

Samini sounded very bitter that a brother he was willing to share any little opportunity with, would come back and spread fabricated stories about him.

“So why would somebody like this then comes back with all these fabricated stories that I don’t like him, I don’t want him to perform on shows, I don’t want him to proper and this and that”.

When host Kwasi Aboagye asked Samini which name he mentioned to George Andah, he said “Oh I don’t want to talk too much all am saying is anybody can ask George Andah which name I mentioned”.

Asked if he mentioned Shatta Wale’s name Samini revealed“Well you say that, because at that time his name was Bandana and Ghanaian remember when I touring Ghana in 2004 I went everywhere with him, he was on the bill”.

Revealing how he first met Bandana now Shatta Wale, Samini said he first met Bandana through Obour, current president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA).

“He was Obour’s kid I heard him in the studio, when I was going to feature on Obour’s song and I told Obour that guy was good and Obour said he was he kid. So when I was doing my tour I called Obour to bring his kid on board”.

Samini also revealed that he had wanted to ignore all Shatta Wale said about him, until he (Shatta) insulted his mother, added that his mother suffered high blood pressure because of that.

“My mum’s blood pressure went up because she heard that her son has a beef with someone which nearly caused her life.

“If someone disrespects your mother you wouldn’t take it cool, it is beyond me, he should tell the truth that I offended him and reverse the negative things he said about me,” he posited.

Samini said he heard Shatta Wale apologizing on several media platforms but he would only be cool with him if he apologizes for insulting his mother.

“I will only be cool with him when he apologizes to my mum.” Samini stated adding he has no problem with Shatta Wale so he wants to attend his upcoming Saminifest concert on December 5, he can give him VIP tickets to attend.

source: nkonkonsa.com



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