I Was A Puppet Under My Former ‘Sponsor’ – King Promise

I Was A Puppet Under My Former ‘Sponsor’ – King Promise

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Fast-rising singer King Promise has revealed that he was a “puppet” under his former sponsor.

The singer said the Dubai-based businesswoman Yasmin Behzadi treated him as a puppet under the contract that bounded both of them.

He added that Yasmin once referred to him as a “waste product”.

Yasmin Behzadi, who has been in the news recently, claimed she spent a whopping $150,000 on the singer’s career, but has not received any returns.

According to her, she sponsored a high budget music video, recording sessions, travelling expenses, promotions. She has since threatened to take legal action against King Promise.

However, a statement by the musician’s management to clarify the issue said “It is instructive to note that Yasmin has not invested a dime in any of King Promise’ recent projects (Songs) and so her claim of spending $150000 is preposterous and smacks of an individual with the intent to reap what she has not sown.

“There were countless times King Promise was refused from working on features with artistes because Yasmin had issues with them”.

The statement further explained that “King Promise worked with Yasmin Behzadi and Producer Ced Solo on an EP which was titled ‘African King” in 2014. The first single of that EP was ‘No Problems’ as rightly stated by her. King Promise being a creative person was stifled and restricted from working and producing music under the EP.

“Yasmin gave up along the line when her financial expectations were not being met, to the extent of calling King Promise ‘a waste product’. It was at this point that Killbeatz, signed King Promise onto his Legacy Life Entertainment Label and started everything at fresh. Killbeatz enlightened King Promise about the music business and supported him into releasing all his hit songs till date. These include but not limited to, ‘Double Trouble’, ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘Hey Sexy’, ‘Selfish’”.

The statement added “It takes a while for these investments to mature. She asked for profits a month after the release of ‘Thank God’ which was produced by Killbeatz in 2016. Killbeatz explained the nature of music business to her which she neglected. Her claims of spending $150,000 was due to her own unilateral decisions and luxurious lifestyles, even if she indeed has spent that much.

“King Promise is forever grateful for what Yasmine did for him in his early days of experimenting with music and still sees her as a big sister,” the statement said.

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