I Won’t Vote In Ghana Again – Donzy Vows

I Won’t Vote In Ghana Again – Donzy Vows

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Talented rapper, Donzy Chaka has vowed never to vote in Ghana again because all politicians in the country are big liars.

The musician revealed that throughout his life he has only voted once, which was the first time when he turned 18 years.

He adds that even at the time, he was pressured by his family to vote but ever since he became his own man, he has never voted and will never do.

He uses the current cost of fuel at the pump as grounds to make his case that politicians are liars. He tells Zionfelix that before the current President Akuffo-Addo government took over the helms of power, they promised to drastically reduce the cost of fuel.

He points out the contrary after they took over the seat of government and further emphasized that this is a big lie he cannot comprehend.

The rapper also tells the crew of ‘Zionfelix Uncut’ that many of the people who keep on voting at every election are the ones who go on radio stations and social media to rant and chastise the government for failed promises.

He states that because he does not vote as they do, he does not care about whatever any government will do when they get into power.

Watch the video of Donzy below…

Source: zionfelix.net



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