I wore a $3,000 bikini in my ‘One More’ video with Samini – Stephanie Benson

I wore a $3,000 bikini in my ‘One More’ video with Samini – Stephanie Benson

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Ghanaian soul and jazz singer, Stephanie Benson has revealed she wore a $3,000 bikini to shoot the popular ‘One More’ music video with famed dancehall artiste Samini.

As a married woman and a mother of five, Ghanaian international soul, pop and jazz artiste has been under heavy criticisms for her sense of fashion which sees her revealing too much flesh.

Stephanie has received huge public backlash after releasing the tempting music video for her single ‘One more’ featuring Samini.

The musicians in the music video are seen in compromised positions in bed, swimming pool and even in a bathtub with lots of flesh exposed.

But in an interview with Delay on her talk show ‘The Delay Show’ said she placed the bikini in a box for two years before wearing it for the music video.

Asked if she sought consent from her husband before confirming the purchase, the jazz icon in a riposte claimed her husband is over familiar with the bikini hence reason she wore it for the ‘One More’ video shoot.

“It was a G-String. I bought it abroad at a place called ‘Kiki De Bompana’. The sale girls wore lingerie and champagne. That is the one I was wearing in the video. I bought two panties and bra for 3,000 dollars…” she revealed to Delay.

“I have worn it for my husband several times so it was time for the people. So those who want to buy can go for them. I put it in a box for two years…” she maintained.

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