If You Think Women Are Bad, Marry Your Fellow Man – Leila Djansi

If You Think Women Are Bad, Marry Your Fellow Man – Leila Djansi

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US-based Ghanaian movie producer and director Leila Djansi, has advised men who think women are evil to marry their fellow men since they claimed to be the perfect gender.

According to the award-winning filmmaker, there had been some assertions in the public domain that women were imperfect and evil; a comment she was really yet to come to terms with.

In reacting to the assertion which she believed was commonplace among men, Leila stated that if it was perfection that men wanted from women then they should get married to their fellow men.

According to her since they would get everything that they needed right, it would be only expedient to put to males together in holy matrimony. The award-winning film maker noted:

“If women are evil and unnecessary, why don’t men just marry their fellow men since y’all are pure and important? Put two perfect people together. That will solve these issues”.

A few months ago, the filmmaker waded into the issue of renaming the Ghana Movie Industry, Ghollywood.

She penned a long piece in retaliation to the name and made it clear that some filmmakers in Ghana were not in favor of the new name.

Excerpts of her piece read: “Richard Boateng and a group of people woke up one morning and decided to name the Ghana film industry Gollywood, with absolutely no idea why they chose that name, and drag all films and filmmakers, kicking and screaming under this hole ridden umbrella. It must have “wood”. Period.

Most of the people carrying the offensive photo are folks who have not made films in years. Those that do are not making the kind of films that fit today. Their transmission has been stuck in opera square mode since the VHS era. They are not abreast with the times or technology.

So, if they are branding their style of filmmaking Gollywood, all well and good. Do not drag other films and filmmakers into the fray.” Leila Djansi is noted for movies like, “Like Cotton Twines”, “Ties That Bind”, “Sinking Sands” and “Where Children Play”.

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