I’m Not Comfortable With Romantic Scenes – Adjetey Anang

I’m Not Comfortable With Romantic Scenes – Adjetey Anang

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For an actor who is regarded as a heartthrob and has romanced quite a number of ladies in movies, it may come as a surprise to many that Adjetey Anang is not comfortable with romantic scenes.

Although he makes it look effortless on the screens, he told Showbiz recently that he did not like doing those scenes.

“In as much as my wife is not comfortable with me in such roles, I am not cool playing such roles myself,” he said.

According to him, he had a way of working with the directors on how best they could shoot the movies without him doing too intimate scenes with the female actors.

Regarded as one of the best actors in Ghana, Adjetey Anang, who has starred in movies such as Crime Story, The Hunters, Keteke, Side Chic Gang, Perfect Picture, Cheaters, Rain, Bag of Lies and many others, said he was always working to improve himself.

“Anytime I watch my own movies, I criticise myself a lot and ask myself what I could have done better. I am my number one critic and I always want the best.

“I have never been satisfied with any of my movies I have acted so far. I watch them and I’m like I could have done better than this,” he said.

The Ghanaian movie industry is still floundering and Adjetey blames it on poor content, bad storylines and poor marketing.

“It’s like every movie producer is in a hurry to put his works out there for money without paying attention to the content, which is very bad.

“The storyline should be on point, not forgetting good camera angles and actors, ” he stated.

At a time when some Ghanaian actors are moving to Nigeria for jobs because of its big market, Adjetey Anang said he preferred to stay in Ghana even though the industry was not in its best state now.

“I love my country and I will choose Ghana over Nigeria anytime I am asked to choose where to act.

“Although I have done a few Nollywood movies, I always prefer to act in Ghana to project our culture,” he disclosed.

Talking about doing Kumawood movies, Adjetey Anang said he had acted alongside Akrobeto, Lil Win and the late Ebenezer Donkor, popularly known as Katawere, and the feeling was great.

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