I’m Working Things Out With Shatta Michy – Shatta Wale

I’m Working Things Out With Shatta Michy – Shatta Wale

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If you really love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours, if not it wasn’t meant to be. 

Hopeful Shatta Wale in answering a question posed by Akwasi Aboagye about his relationship with his “Baby mama” Shatta Michy, on Peace 104.3 FM’s entertainment review show revealed that they are trying to solve their problems.

Monitored by Sammykaymedia.com, the SM king said Michy is now understanding what he’s been trying to do. Shatta said Michy doesn’t give him the chance to talk to her, so he takes the opportunity during radio interviews to send messages to her.

The “Wonder Boy” opined that they both should try to be nice to each other since they have a kid given to them by God. 

The SM boss said its been eleven-month since he set his eyes on their child Majesty, and was so happy Majesty was brought to him during his birthday, so he called Michy to thank her for making him see his boy.

Shatta Wale said he wants to support Michy because she’s helped him in many ways and if not for anything, the child they both have is something he really cherishes and would love to support her by even taking responsibility of their upkeep. 

All he needs from her is understanding to work out their differences and become one family.

During the interview, Shatta Wale revealed that there was actually a knocking right he performed in the presence of the two families when Michy was pregnant, that was why during the reign concert last year he gave her a promise ring so he would eventually take her to the altar for them to become married couples. 

He said it was just unfortunate things turn out the way it did.

Source: sammykaymedia.com



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