It Is Ridiculous To Have A Flashy Wedding – Beverly Afaglo

It Is Ridiculous To Have A Flashy Wedding – Beverly Afaglo

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Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo Baah, believes that no reasonable woman in Ghana in recent times will waste huge amounts of money on an extravagant wedding.

The actress who described the act as ‘senseless’ said, any wise woman will not disregard the hard times in the country and stage a flashy wedding even if they can afford it.

Speaking to ZionFelix on the “Uncut Show”, Beverly said, all the extra things women do just to have big weddings are useless especially if they have no permanent accommodation.

The wife of Choirmaster of Praye fame said, “No sensible woman should have a flashy wedding, why would you spend so much on a wedding and after you struggle. Don’t see the rationality in it”.

“People do a pre-wedding photoshoot, bridal shower, and others, I don’t even envy them at all. I am happy I married long before now because the economy is hard, I would have agreed to a court wedding if I were to marry today or maybe I will just do a small wedding and invite my friends”.

She added that having a pre-wedding photoshoot, for instance, is a waste of money.

“It really doesn’t make sense to let your account go down to red and struggle. I don’t understand why people even do a pre-wedding photoshoot, maybe is for hype on social media. Who cares about your pre-wedding shoot if you are not even a celebrity? It is all waste of money”.

The actress who blamed women specifically for demanding flamboyant weddings said, “A lot of women just want to show off at their weddings but deep down they know their husbands cannot even afford their wigs, but they still rush”.

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