I’ve Achieved A Lot From Sleeping With Men – Tracey Boakye Brags

I’ve Achieved A Lot From Sleeping With Men – Tracey Boakye Brags

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Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye has expressed strong words of disapproval over allegations made by Assin Central MP that she is cheap and had sex with A Plus, who didn’t give her a dime.

Kennedy Agyapong alleged that he was in utmost shock when he heard that Tracey Boakye after sleeping with former President John Dramani Mahama, blackmailed him into buying her a house in East Legon.

The lawmaker in a series of allegations vilified the Kumawood actress, calling her “cheap” for sleeping around with many men.

But responding to the allegations, Tracey Boakye lost her cool and told Kennedy Agyapong that she has benefited a lot from all the sex she has had with her numerous lovers, past and present.

She said she was not as cheap as the lawmaker was trying to put out, but rather she has made a lot and bought a lot of properties from having sex with her male lovers.

She alleged that for someone like her who loves to date and have sex, it was not a crime to sleep with A-Plus and not get anything from it. She also said she has no tapes or audio for which she is blackmailing John Mahama with and so the honorable member should leave her alone.

“All you will say is people have sex with me, but all the sex I have been having I have made something out of it; I don’t do charity work with my vagina. Kennedy Agyapong, Tracey Boakye I don’t do charity work with my vagina. The same way you sleep with a girl and pay her, that’s the same way when someone sleeps with me, they look after me. Leave John Mahama out.”

Watch Tracey’s video below:

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