I’ve Sacked Everyone On My Management Team – Frank Naro

I’ve Sacked Everyone On My Management Team – Frank Naro

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Actor cum musician, Frank Naro has said he has gone through a lot in his career.

After having an accident some few days ago amid a scary dream, Frank has revealed how some people he trusted stabbed him in the back.

He told ZionFelix in a recent interview on the ‘Uncut’ show that his former road manager bad-mouthed him to a UK-based investor who wanted to work with him through High Grade Family.

Meanwhile, he pretended to love him and was ready to defend him even with his life.

Based on this experience, Frank Naro said he doesn’t trust anyone again. He disclosed that he has sacked all those people who were part of his team.

The enterprising musician stressed on how painful their actions were to him.

Frank Naro added that he was depressed following what his former team members did to him.

Watch the full interview below:

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