Jackie Appiah’s new Maserati ignites public debate

Jackie Appiah’s new Maserati ignites public debate

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Actress Jackie Appiah has released a new Maserati and everyone is talking about it.

For many people who have been following the actress’ exploits in both Ghana and Nigeria movie industries, they are not surprised. This is because she has a very high taste for luxury cars and the new Maserati definitely won’t be her last so long as there is life. So many people can’t afford a car such as this, a close person to Ms. Appiah talks about how many can only be able to afford such cars as a honda civic, he said how they are reliable cars and can be bought at a great price, however, this apparently doesn’t apply to such stars as Appiah.

Every year, she buys a new luxury car model of that year and reportedly “keeps the old ones”. Currently, she is one of the few lucky Ghanaians who can afford to own and cruise in a Maserati at the age of 34.

Jackie Appiah took to social media on Friday to share a photo of herself and the new Maserati with registration number Jackie 8-18.

“In all things, be grateful. Work hard and play hard …Maserati,” she said when she posted photo of the car on social media.

But many people argued that the movie industry is not paying enough to own such a luxurious car. Others also tagged the display of the new car as a “dirty show off”, which would bring unnecessary attention to the actress and inspire an unnecessary competition in the movie industry.

But others find nothing wrong with it. Indications are that Jackie owns a lot of properties in town that she rents out in Accra. Also, she has a number of ambassadorial deals that keep her moving in the struggling movie industry. Money is, indeed, not a problem for Jackie Appiah.

The new 2018 model Maserati starts at a prize not less than $ 152, 650 on some online platforms. NEWS-ONE could readily not ascertain how much Jackie bought hers.

But she forked out some thousands of dollars for her sleek motor and couldn’t go unnoticed as she flaunted a photo of it parked at her home.

Currently, she is the only Ghanaian actress who owns a fleet of expensive cars, including a 2008 model Nissan Murano, an all-wheel drive variant infinity 2009 model, Range Rover 2010 model that also has the registration number customised in her name, a Chrysler 300 C and other small cars. There is also a G- Wagon 2015 model registered as Jackie 5-15.

Interestingly, anytime she steps out, she wears clothing that match with the colour of the vehicle she is driving.

Hence, it is not surprising to see her in a Kenzo-designed black dress with her new Maserati.

Jackie currently remains one of Africa’s A-List actresses. She started acting at age 12 when she was a member of a drama group at the Action Faith Chapel International Church and has since not looked back.


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