Jay Foley Pens an open letter to Abraham Attah

Jay Foley Pens an open letter to Abraham Attah

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In case you do not know, you have to be taught. Live FM and 4syte TV, presenter Jay Foley who came under public attack days ago for mimicking child actor Abraham Attah on radio has taken time off his busy schedules to inform the ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ actor the number of talents he has unearthed.

Jay had to do this following the young star’s reply to him, Lexis Bill and Mzgee when they were accused of mocking the Dansoman boy on radio.

Jay in a Facebook post on Thursday made it clear to the actor that he does not hate him because he lives for the young.

He further named numerous Ghanaian entertainers he has helped their career but many do not know. Not only did he mention musicians and TV presenters, he also talked about the humanitarian responsibilities he has taken upon himself for these years just to put smiles on the faces of others.

Read the unedited post of Jay Foley to Abraham Attah below:



this is my second post regarding this issue to Abraham Attah. A friend mentioned BEAST OF NO NATION to me couple of months back.

I immediately got a copy (apologies it was a copy i got from a friend) and watched this in the comfort of my home. WOW… I was impressed.

1. hearing Sarkodie’s song in the background. Sark, your story forever lives on and that is why i will forever call you a Rap god. Cheers (for those of us who were lucky to be at the Grammy Museum that day)

2. seeing my very good friend Andrew (uncle Ebo WHytes crew). Andrew i told you – your acting skills are impeccable.

3. Ama Abebrese, my first time seeing you was when sway came to Ghana. You have risen through the ranks and you played the role with perfection. Abraham, I came on radio with my co-host Jeremie and I praised you. My listeners can attest to it. No worries, there are radio clips of this. Oh! that other boy called Stryker. Mehn… He amazes me. Not a single word but he still showed how much potential he has.

Abraham, you have made Ghana, infact Africa proud. You have attained heights that a lot of people can’t even dream off. God Bless you.

Abraham, I don’t hate you and i will tell you why.

In Ghana, which you are soon going to realise, I LIVE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. I recall a youngman called ATUMPAN. From Winneba. I walked into my studio one morning and heard a song being played by my work mate titled, SMALL GIRL. lol, I loved the song. So i called up ATUMPAN who was then in KUMASI. Atumpan was a teacher as well.

I dedicated my entire time to him and his team and guess what, (WHAT GOD HAS BLESSED…) together with DJ ABRANTIE of CAPITAL XTRA in london, the song hit big time across the world. I felt humbled by this. Atumpan is so humble.

I met another young lady in Kumasi called LOUSIKA, Lousika will bounce back soon. She had to take care of family. LOUSIKA gave Ghana some good memories as well. I dedicated all my resources to her making. Pee wizzle thanks a lot yh.. Mixx Masta Garzy, you as well.

Jean Paul – I met this kid when he was 15. Just like you. Cant spill his details here but Jean Paul was a determined boy. Fearless and willing to make a difference. The day i met jean Paul,….. hmmm anyway i am happy Jean Paul is a full Pilot. So happy to be a part of his dream.

Couple of years back, I walked into Korle-bu hospital ( Dialysis Unit) and I met a young boy. (MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE) He had Kidney failure. His story touched me so much because when you are on Dialysis, it costs so much money weekly to survive. Im sure about Ghc1000.00 a week. When you don’t pay you are taken off the machine.

I took this kid on VIASAT 1 TV to ask Ghana for help. ABRAHAM… Just to let you know, i got no assistance so he died. I wept bitterly.

No body wrote a story about this boy who needed help. I wish I had all the publicity im getting now.

YVONNE… my staff, who needed a hip transplant also died last month because the people who could have helped, the people who could have noticed and write articles on it to get attention didn’t. Obviously they it wldnt draw traffic to their website so why help.

ABRAHAM, there’s more.

You have been blessed.

for me, I have seen mine. Maybe there is more to come. Nobody hates you. I don’t think lexis bill does.

recently on my radio show, my co-host and I donated money to street kids. Do you know how we raised the funds?

English is not our mother tongue, so anytime we made an error on radio, we will put down money. And after the show, we will drive to the nearest street kid and give it out.

One boy who sits in a wheel chair at the HOLY SPIRIT CATHEDRAL, needs help badly. Each time i drive by i give him the support.

I came from a background that taught me humility. It’s embedded in me. I have been a part of the stories of many people.

they will tell you if they ever meet YOU, TONY and PHIL.




4 EL




8. JEREMIE the list is endless. (if i didnt mention a name here, apologies. just cldnt recall)

I love to help people. It’s the way i am.

BET AND MTV are not the highest, but the chance of seeing or experiencing those platforms gave me reason to even understand your excitement the more. take my words, NOBODY HATES YOU. If my words came out wrongly, pardon me, it was never meant to harm you.

You are an inspiration to many out there. Keep focused and take my advise. It’s not everyone out there who likes you. Just remember that. I have lost good friends. TheY passed on and may their souls rest in perfect peace.

RICHARD ADDISON, we donated 1000 mosquito nets to 4 major hospitals in takoradi. We walked along the streets at Market circle to give freely, all those who lay by the gutters and shops. We did it because we have good hearts. We didnt want sympathy so we didnt tell the world.

Before my friend who had the kidney failure passed on, I wanted to raise 50,000euros to buy 2 dialysis machine to donate to korle-bu then… But no one helped. i posted many messages here on FB to get some assistance becasue his time was running short. VIASAT 1, thanks for the help.

ABARAHAM, once again, I don’t hate you. You have made me happy and inspired to even continue to help young people. I didn’t hate on your speech. We all get teased at a point in time. Some have even gotten nicknames from errors they make. lol

I will probably give you mine. lol We teased our late president on air when he made an error in pronouncing ECONOMY.. Yes we all did. PROF ATTAH MILLS, may your soul rest in peace.

TO THE FANS… “…………………….”

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