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The community based online marketplace Jumia Market is launching this week a new, improved version of its shopping platform, overhauling its design, signature color and its customer’s shopping journey. The website, will from this day onward spot the color green.

With this move, Jumia Market wishes to reassert its value proposition to its customers and focus on its three most distinct added values:

  • Offering the best deals and unique products that the customer would not be able to find anywhere else,

  • Providing a safe place on which to buy and sell,

  • Gathering on one single platform the largest and most diverse community of sellers and buyers.


The new layout will be launched in Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Kenya. This change highlights Jumia Market’s continuous move towards a community-first approach: a new featured box will appear above each top rated seller on the website providing more transparency and ease of navigation to the customers. The new layout will also feature a direct link to start selling now for sellers who will see their sellers’ experience on the website much simplified and their efforts rewarded.


“The new layout strengthens the identity of the thousands of  people selling on Jumia Market every day” says Massimiliano Spalazzi, CEO for Jumia Market Africa. He adds “Sellers – SMEs and individuals – can now gain more visibility by becoming featured sellers on the homepage and increase their sales. At the same time, buyers can enrich their shopping experience by directly messaging the sellers and reviewing the shopping experience of other Jumia Market members through the ratings and comments.”

To celebrate the new theme, the online marketplace is launching from the 17th of January 2017,a campaign dubbed “Discover our Top Rated Sellers” where it will showcase Jumia Market’s best rated sellers and the top rated products they are offering on the marketplace. Find out all about it on https://market.jumia.com.gh/ , or on social media by visiting Jumia Market (GH) on all our social media platforms and get the latest deals and news by subscribing to Jumia Market’s newsletter by visiting http://view.news.kaymu.com/qs=710a2f9e701f0bd051834c99f395f14c59b79e48caf9f8e9228dc229b7b2e6e10bb22eac9391940e77cd845be9d0cd1174d1661edbcc2a3e



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