Kalybos Reveals He Used To Aid internet Fraudsters

Kalybos Reveals He Used To Aid internet Fraudsters

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Ghanaian actor, Richard Kwaku Asante, popularly known as Kalybos has revealed that he once offered help to fraudsters who operated within the cyberspace.

He told Frankie 5 on This Is Gospel on Hitz FM that he was unaware of the intentions of these internet fraudsters at the time.

Asked how he got involved in their activities, Kalybos indicated that his father was among a privileged few who owned a computer at the time.

According to him, he learnt the rudiments of operating a computer due to the availability of one at home.

“Growing up, my age mates were exposed to internet fraud. This internet scam”, he said, “my dad was enthused with new technology. So we had a computer at home. I could say my area we were one of the few guys that had a computer.”

The actor recounts that fraudsters began approaching him for assistance which he offered.

“Some of them actually walked up to me to tell me, ‘this thing you are doing do you know you can earn more money from it?’ Gradually I was clinching to these kinds of guys,” he narrated.

Kalybos noted that at a point, he realized that he was being used by these unscrupulous individuals to undertake an illegality.

He stated on ‘This Is Gospel’ that his walk with Jesus was revived after he took a step to disassociate himself from the internet fraudsters.

The actor mentions that it was not easy breaking off from the circle of friends he had spent his childhood with.

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