Kempinski Hotel Has Denied Wanlov the kubolor accusation

Kempinski Hotel Has Denied Wanlov the kubolor accusation

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Kempinski Hotel, one of Ghana’s luxurious hotels, has refuted claims that it prevented musician Wanlov the Kubolor from entering its facility because he was not wearing footwear.

According to management of the hotel, the musician left on his own volition after he was informed that he couldn’t enter the facility because he was barefooted.

The musician, known for his iconic fashion sense of not wearing any footwear, vented his anger at the hotel for refusing him access even though he was to be honoured at a charity dinner by Little Angels on Saturday night.

Narrating the incident to Hitz @ 1, Wanlov said, “Two nights ago, I was invited by a charity called Little Angels, I have been working with them for the past three years, we meet at Holy Gardens every December and we walk from there to Korle Bu Children’s Ward and over there we make donations from several companies to the children – food, clothing, medicines and so on.”

“So the other night they were having a dinner, they invited me to show appreciating for being part of the charity and I was happy because I was going to get some expensive Fufu to eat.”

“I got there on time, the security guards were chatting with me, we took pictures at the gate and one of them opted to escort me upstairs in case I get lost. Then some white guy came to speak to the security, I was told later by the security guard that he is the Food and Beverage Manager at the hotel. After several confrontations I got to know that there is a ‘no shoes no entry’ policy,” Wanlov explained.

He added that, “They stopped me from entering, so we stood in front of the elevator and Kafui Danku, Pa John and other guys who were part of the dinner and were expecting me came out to present my parcel, we took pictures and the security guard walked out with me.”

“However, my issue is that, the manager did not come and stand in front of me as a human being to introduce himself and explain the policy, he did not behave like somebody who knows their job and I felt disrespected by the way he treated the situation. You can’t come into someone’s country and dismiss them like that, are you saying if any of the Ga traditional chiefs comes there, is this how you are going to treat them?”

After the incident, Wanlov said, he was called by someone from the hotel to apologise on the white guy’s behalf but he didn’t accept the apology because he believes that the Food and Beverage Manager should apologise to him personally.

“I am a social person even though I have accepted to meet with him later amicably, at the very moment they need to have a social media people working for Kempinski who will tweet a public apology and do all other damage control. I have not seen a tweet from them yet to apologise so I will also not stop tweeting and retweeting people’s comment on social media.”

Management of Kempinski Hotel reacting to Wanlov’s comments said in a statement to that they did not sack the musician.

Management said, “Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast Accra’s restaurant has a dress code that clearly indicates “smart casual”. This dress code is available on the hotel’s website.”

According to them, “It was at a private event on 9th January 2016 that the event organisers who invited Wanlov asked him to put on footwear to be able to access the restaurant.”

“Footwear is an important health and safety precaution in restaurants. The hotel maintains high standards of food hygiene and so does not compromise on this policy.”

Management of the hotel said contrary to the claims by the musician that he was sacked, “The artist left on his own volition.” Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast Accra and its management respect all patrons and cultures; the hotel remains open to all.”




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