Kesse Disappoints Loyal Fans: Here’s Why

Kesse Disappoints Loyal Fans: Here’s Why

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Michael Kesse Frimpong, better known by stage name Kesse, says he knew that his transition from highlife to gospel would cause him to lose fans.

Interviewed on eTVGhana’s the Late Nite Celebrity Show by host, Foster Romanus, he disclosed that switching from circular music to gospel, he had a lot of fans showing disappointment in him for the unexpected transition.

He had people telling him to keep doing circular music because it is not evil. People told him that he can repent and still do love songs but he made them understand that there is time for everything and this is his time to drop circular music for gospel.

‘’I remember I went to the mall one time and I met a fan. She was complaining about why I stopped doing circular music. She said she loves it when I do highlife so she feels disappointed but I told her, everyone has their interests and there is a time for everything’’, he shared.

Kesse, however, seems to comprehend that in life, people come and go but either ways, there will always be someone still in support.




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