Kojo Antwi Replies Kwaisey Pee

Kojo Antwi Replies Kwaisey Pee

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Music maestro, Kojo Antwi, has reacted to allegations directed at him by popular highlife singer Kwaisey Pee.

Kwaisey Pee in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM asked the Dadie Anoma hitmaker to tell Ghanaians the truth about their relationship. He said Kojo Antwi should stop denying him in interviews.

According to Kwaisey Pee, he was an errand boy for Kojo Antwi when he was just an up-and-coming act, hence cannot comprehend why Kojo Antwi would deny knowing him in many interviews.

The scuffle between Kojo Antwi and the Mehia Odo hitmaker goes way back when many fans claimed Kwaisey Pee emulated completely the music style of Kojo Antwi.

Subsequent rumours suggested that Kojo Antwi hasn’t been happy about Kwaisey Pee being a potential doppelgänger.

But, putting everything to bed in an interview on Onua FM on Tuesday, Kojo Antwi said Kwaisey Pee isn’t worth a reply.

“There are certain unpleasant stuff on social media and I wouldn’t wanna give them flesh. I say it unto the name of God, I thank God for everything. I’ve learned from a lot of things,” he said.

He said an encounter he once had with Kwaisey’s dad, Agyaaku of Yamoah and Sunsum Mystics Band, had forbidden him from responding to such allegations.

“I have vowed that because of Kwaisey Pee’s dad I wont talk… this young man can go around and say whatever he wants. I am above that. I am looking for great things in the music industry. Every good tree that bears fruits gets laden with stones and its because people want to eat from your fruits. So if God has made me a tree, I don’t have to worry.

“The young ones are coming there were people who came to pave the way and we also paved for others, I look at the bigger picture; I am about constructiveness not destructiveness,” he said.

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