Kumawood movies have taken over the industry – Zynnell Zuh

Kumawood movies have taken over the industry – Zynnell Zuh

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Ghanaian actress and movie producer Zynnell Zuh has stated that Kumawood movies have taken over the Ghanaian movie industry.

She admitted that Kumawood producers churn out movies than the English producers who are touted to be more ‘refined’ than the former.

The actress who has acted in over dozens of movies believes Kumawood movies are more patronised than the English movies (Ghallywood).

‘They have their own challenges, they may not tell you, but I mean it’s very evident they have taken over, there are more movies produced in Kumawood than the English,’ she said.

The actress bemoaned the decline in the industry saying majority of movie producers are folding up due to poor sales.

“Well is true, that the industry is on a serious decline and it is because of so many reasons. I think the dynamics have changed, but when you produce movies that do not have the crossover appeal you can’t market to other countries. It’s a marketing thing,” she told KOD on The Zone.


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