Let The Public Know Exactly What Is Wrong With Kwadee – Kwesi Ernest Pleads With Family

Let The Public Know Exactly What Is Wrong With Kwadee – Kwesi Ernest Pleads With Family

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Music producer and Managing Director of Media Excel Production, Kwesi Ernest, says the lack of information on what exactly is wrong with musician Kwadee is what has hindered any form of help from getting to him on the part of industry players.

Kwesi Ernest made this assertion on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review Show which was monitored by GhanaWeb.

According to him, even though people have accused industry players of not offering any help to Kwadee more than twenty four hours after a rare picture of him hit the internet, and have asked them to do so before it is too late, he wonders the circumstance such help should be offered, especially when there has not been any medical report diagnosing him of any ailment that the public is aware of.

He said if there was a doctor’s report that stated clearly what the musician has been diagnosed of and what amount of money will be needed to treat his ailment that would be easier for people to rally financial support for him.

He pleaded with the family of Kwadee to make information available to the public on what exactly is wrong with the musician and how much help is needed. He argued that anything short of that will make efforts to help the musician difficult.


A new photo of Ghanaian hiplife musician, Jerry Anaba, known in showbiz circles as Okomfo Kwadee, hit social media a couple of days ago leaving a lot of Ghanaians in shock, and wondering what could be wrong with the once vibrant, funny and talented musician.

The majority of people who commented on the picture were sad and questioned what might be the cause of the sudden change.

Okomfo Kwadee has been rumoured to be battling with mental illness which has landed him in a rehabilitation center a number of times. It is also rumoured that he has relapsed a number of times after announcing that he has recovered.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com



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