Let’s celebrate our success stories — Uncle Ebo Whyte

Let’s celebrate our success stories — Uncle Ebo Whyte

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Renowned playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte is urging successful Ghanaians to tell their stories to inspire those who look up to them.

His latest play, Nicholas which was staged over the weekend at the National Theatre is the life story of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Founder and Overseer of Action Chapel International.

According to Uncle Ebo, whose works have boosted theatre in the country, it’s difficult to stage life stories of prominent Ghanaians because they are usually reluctant to give such knowledge to the public.

Speaking to Showbiz, Uncle Ebo said “As a playwright, it’s difficult to get the consent of people to tell their stories. I don’t really know what the problem is but I think that is the nature of Ghanaians.

“Even when you know how rich they are and you tell them, they vehemently deny that. We need to celebrate our success and as a playwright, my door is always open to tell such inspiring stories via my plays,” he said.

Despite the hindrances mentioned earlier, the motivational speaker was all praise for the Founder and Overseer of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams for granting him permission to do a play about his life.

Talking about Nicholas which is the first biographical play he has tackled, Uncle Ebo tells Showbiz it was challenging to turn a 60-year-life story into a two-hour script.

“Biographies are different from fiction. You need to do good research and interpretation. That makes it difficult but on the whole, it’s worth it when you have good results,” he said.

It was therefore a rare experience for patrons at the National Theatre as they watched the life story of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, one of the most revered ministers of the Gospel in Ghana.

Uncle Ebo weaves humour in the story of the man of God in a way that gives hope to those in despair.

The plot unveils the man of God’s grass to grace life—his troubled childhood, desperate attempts to succeed, ministry, the breakdown of his first marriage among others.

The divine calling on his life was manifested when he survived an abortion which ended that of his twin. But that would just be the beginning of the woes of young Nicholas whose single mother had to take him to the North to seek greener pastures. His truancy in school hindered his academic progress but his life would change when his father, a renowned diplomat and politician seeks redress in court to take custody of him.

However, his father’s affluence couldn’t bring any meaningful change in his life. To make life better for him, Nicholas become a stoway on a ship where he is caught and set to be thrown into the sea. Once again, the divine hand of God upon his life is manifested and he is pardoned by the captains.

Young Nicholas among others even seeks spiritual assistance from fetish priests but that couldn’t resolve his problems, until he finally heeds to God’s call.

Actor Andrew Adote who plays Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams was remarkable. It’s not surprising The Papa as the man of God is fondly called was amazed when he joined numerous media personalities and corporate individuals for an exclusive screening of the play last Wednesday.

Overwhelmed by the interpretation of the Nicholas character and the role of the cast, Archbishop Duncan-Williams promised to support Uncle Ebo stage the play across the country and in other parts of the world.

For over nine years, Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions have treated theatre lovers to plays such as Rejected, One Million Pounds, Forbidden, Sankofa, Make Me a Woman Tonight, Dear God Comma among others.

There will be an encore of Nicholas on Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4 at 4:00pm and 8:00 pm on both days.

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