Majid Michel reveals another scammer impersonated him

Majid Michel reveals another scammer impersonated him

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Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has revealed that a second individual used his mother’s death to defraud one of his fans.

Michel was implicated in a $5,000 scam late last year after a 37-year-old Nigerian used his name to solicit funds from one of his Facebook friends.

The fraudster, Kelvin Ogodogu, who confessed to building a fake social media account in the actor’s name and using it to defraud his fans, got a lady resident in the United States to agree to send him the said amount to help him pay for his mother’s funeral.

Ogodogu was arrested by the police, arraigned before court and later sentenced to a 10-year jail term, but Majid said that was not the only instance someone used his mother’s death to scam another.

“When my mum died, same thing. It was rented to a guy. He said this is Majid Michel’s mum’s house. She is dead now so we are renting it. That was just after my Facebook issue. The guy didn’t even go into the issue because he said his landlord was kicking him out of the house he was in,” Majid said while contributing to a discussion on the subject of scamming on the Starr Drive on Starr 103.5FM on Monday March 16, 2015.

Majid told host Bola Ray that some fraudsters are so confident they present the perfect situation to their victims.

“The guy took this guy who was being duped to the [fake] ‘owner’ of the house, who is this 80 something year-old-man. And he said that was the owner of the house, but that wasn’t the owner of the house…

“[The old man] even told a story of how he has kidney problems so he needed money for healthcare and so the 80 something year-old was part of the scam. You would believe it,” he said.

He also added that the victims paid more than he ought to have paid as rent for the house.

“And you know the funny thing… He [Scammer] took him to the hospital and paid for his kidney thing apart from the money he paid for the house.”

Majid, however, said he was able to bring this second scammer to book as well.


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