Marijuana Is Good, There’s Nothing Wrong With Using It – Prophet Kumchacha

Marijuana Is Good, There’s Nothing Wrong With Using It – Prophet Kumchacha

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The call for the legalization of marijuana (popularly called weed) here in Ghana is getting louder by the day with prominent Ghanaians and celebrities lending their voice to the call. It is no surprise. Around the world, more and more people are becoming keen on promoting the substance due to the myriad of benefits that have been discovered surrounding it. More and more places have been legalizing the use of the plant too, including the USA and Canada. For those who live where marijuana is legal, all they must do is Click here to find their favourite strain and achieve a high. Many are also invested in the benefits of CBD, a product of marijuana, is well-known worldwide for having a positive effect on people who suffer from stress, insomnia, and many other ailments. There are CBD reviews on the internet that give you an insight into the benefits of CBD and its treatment, giving a voice to those who found the product helpful. CBD is known to have the medical benefits that the cannabinoid THC perhaps doesn’t possess, so it’s no wonder that many medical marijuana patients look for low thc high cbd strains. While there are some detractors there are others who have a more open opinion on marijuana and its by-products.

Another voice has joined the chorus for the church of Marijuana in recent times. Popular man of God, prophet Kumchacha has added his voice to the ongoing debate, with a very pragmatic approach to the subject matter.

The controversial man of God’s comment comes on the back of the comment Rev. Abbeam Danso made previously to the effect that pastors should stop preaching against marijuana because the Bible never condemned it in any of its pages. This is true, and so the highlighting of this matter as not being forbidden in Holy Scripture is an important step to take when it comes to understanding and accepting the use of marijuana in society.

Speaking on the issue, Prophet Kumchacha noted that Marijuana is used to cure illnesses so there’s nothing wrong with its usage. Whether people realize that it’s not hard to keep your bud fresh enough to keep on hand for medical use or other purposes is more important than simply blanket banning the product out of mostly unfounded fears and false religious zealotry.

“Marijuana is used to cure illnesses. Just that the abuse of it is the problem. The use of cocaine and marijuana is not sinful.”, Prophet Kumchacha said.




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