Medikal And Fella Makafui Breakup Is A Scam – George Britton

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In the Entertainment Review session on Prime Morning, George Britton, Doreen Avio, Emefa Adeti and Jay Foley discussed trending topics in the entertainment industry in Ghana and abroad.

One of these trending topics happened to be about celebrity relationships; whether they last and if it is advisable for a celebrity to date another celebrity. This topic was trending as a result of the recent alleged break up between Medikal and Fella Makafui.

George Britton gave examples of celebrities such as Juliet Ibrahim and Kojo (the engineer), Chris Attoh and Damilola, and others who have failed in their relationships or quest for love. He stated that he believes celebrity relationships can work out if both parties manage their ego.

He also mentioned that there are hardships in relationships because celebrities receive a lot of messages and invites from people vying for their love and attention and this disrupts the relationship.

He stated, that in regards to the Fella Makafui – Medikal incident that, he believes that in Medikal’s previous relationship with Sister Derby added some boom to his music career. He also states that “according to some rumors from the house, Derby doesn’t cook and the boys want to eat… and Fella (that time a friend) coming around to cook for them, ‘won the boys over’”.

When asked whether the Fella Makafui – Medikal break up was a scam, he replied swiftly, “It’s a scam”. Before relaxing mildly to say it more dramatically,

“To me, I think they were acting,…as media personalities you need to create events that will make you relevant, and these are the kind of things they do to attract attention”

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