Medikal Made A Big Mistake Beefing Strongman – Industry Players Crown Strongman Winner

Medikal Made A Big Mistake Beefing Strongman – Industry Players Crown Strongman Winner

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The Most talked about rivalry in the past few days is undoubtedly one between Strongman, known in real life as Osei Kwaku Vincent, and current VGMAs Rapper of the Year, Medikal, known in real life as Adu Frimpong Samuel. The rivalry which saw both artistes portray their competence and versatility in the rap game, amassed the attention and opinions of many Ghanaians at home and in the diaspora.

ZionFelix Uncut show hosted by blogger and radio/Tv presenter Zionfelix made the earnest effort to speak to the general public including some reputable Ghanaians in the entertainment industry canvassing their thoughts on the recent occurrence.

Speaking to Prince Tsegah of HITZ FM, he mentioned that, “between the two artistes, the one that benefitted from the “beef” is Strongman, because this rivalry has shot Strongman to immense fame, while exhibiting his lyrical prowess to the world.” Again, when asked about who has “won” this rilvary, he stated that, “Rapper Strongman is in a comfortable lead”, signifying that Strongman was the better between the two. He also mentioned that Medikal is in the bad books of most Ghanaians due to some controversies over his personal relationships and music.

Speaking to artiste manager Ashes, who has managed popular artistes like Obrafuor, Kumi Guitar, Kwabena Kwabena et al, who, just like most Ghanaians, opined that, “the rivalry benefitted Strongman and that he won over the current VGMAs rapper of the year, Medikal. He also reiterated that the overwhelming support for Strongman by most Ghanaians is due to tacit public vendetta against Medikal.

Zionfelix had several opinions from other people, however, the general consensus was that, Strongman won the “battle” and has also benefited colossally from this lyrical feud.

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