Ministry of Education’s website hacked

Ministry of Education’s website hacked

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The Ministry of Education’s website has been hacked.

The attacker(s) with tagname Jarino8, who took over the site on Thursday morning are believed to be from Morocco.

Information on an image put on the site by the attacker(s) read:

“Morroco is a country with a long history

We will not let anyone that touches our country

We love our country and we love our King Mohammed Vi

The Sahara is Moroccan and will remain Morocco

We do not forgive those who cooperate with our enemies

We are Moroccan, We are Muslims, We are Mujahideen”

Below is the original site as captured on the facebook wall of the attackers.

Several other government websites were in 2014 hacked, some of which includes the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural development.

Source: city fm


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