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The 16 adorable delegates of this year’s Miss Malaika Ghana pageant have paid a courtesy call

on Kwabena Anokye Adisi and Dr. Kwabena Duffuor Jnr. CEO of the EIB network and COO of

uniBank Ghana respectively.

The visits which are an integral part of every season of Ghana’s biggest and most respected

beauty pageant were designed to give the delegates an opportunity to interact with some

captains of industry and business minds. Every year, delegates get the opportunity to meet

prominent people in the society, be it entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities and many others,

and this year, they had the opportunity to meet two of the most creative minds in the HODA


Welcomed at the Platinum place, home of the EIB group by Jeff Sowa and group COO, Claus

Von Backustein, the delegates were given a tour of the premises that housed state of the art

television production equipment, with some even trying their skills at news reading on the new

state of the art TV news set yet to be unveiled by GHOne television.

After the tour, the delegates were ushered to the boardroom where Group CEO Bernard

Kwabena Anokye Adisi, aka Bola Ray took the opportunity to introduce the rest of his team.

The rather lengthy chat saw the delegates ask questions from related to the group structuring,

discipline, commerce, human resources, successes, challenges and failures, etc.

On his part, the EIB team thanked series producers, CHLive for what he referred to as a good

job done so far. He admonished organizers to ensure that the event is up to international

standards and urged the delegates to treat the event with all seriousness as the winner will

have the opportunity to represent the country on many platforms both home and abroad.

From the platinum place, home of EIB network, the sixteen adorable finalists made their way to

the 13 th floor World Trade Centre office of uniBank COO, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor Junior who was

more than elated and honored to meet them. He shared a little bit of the banks history and his

personal experiences in banking and finance, family life, etc. and encouraged the delegates to

aim high in all endeavours and strive to be the very best in all they do. In wrapping up, the

young financial expert counseled the ladies to take their education seriously so that some of

them can join the EIB group or uniBank when they were done with school.

The 14 th edition of Miss Malaika Ghana airs every Sunday @6pm on E-TV and at 7pm on GHONE

TV. It is produced by CH Live with support from RENAULT from Premium Motors, Kenya

Airways, Abbeam Institute of Technology, GTP Nustyle, Lydia Contraceptives and our media


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