Mister Unemployed TV Series speaks up and takes action

Mister Unemployed TV Series speaks up and takes action

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Every year, our universities churn out thousands of graduates in flamboyant and exciting graduation ceremonies. The new graduates are advised by many speakers; they are told to lead meaningful lives and contribute to the development of the nation. Expectations are hightened!
These graduates, however, soon realize that the end is not as expected. Then frustration begets desperation. This is what Boom entertainment seeks to address in the second season of the T.V series “Mister Unemployed”. The plight of the unemployed youth, especially graduates, in this country and the world over, has been ignored on the screens.

With many T.V and film producers forgetting that the spell of unemployment extends into the film industry as many performing art students graduate yearly. However our film landscape is graced by the same repetitive faces, offering no employment to fresh talents.
‘Mister Unemployed’ takes you through the life of Chris, a university graduate, who is unable to secure a job. As Chris’ situation worsens, he tries to take matters into his own hands but his plans quickly spirals downwards. However Chris’ situation is not peculiar to him as the story talks about other people in the same predicament.

The T.V series seeks to take viewers on the path traveled by many unemployed graduates. The quality of production is to be envied. The producers did not only highlight the problem but also took the first step in solving it by creating employment for many new actors. The virtually all-new cast, carried out their task with utmost nobility, making a case for other budding actors, whose lack of popularity cost them castings.
In conclusion, there are many reading this piece and bewailing their lack of jobs. Be strong and courageous and believe in your own ability to create employment for yourself and others. To the many others who seek to affect the situation positively. Lead the way and empower the youth to be entrepreneurial.
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