Mmebusem Will Go Blind And Die For Ridiculing Jesus – Prophet

Mmebusem Will Go Blind And Die For Ridiculing Jesus – Prophet

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Prophet Obrempong CP of Dominion Prayer Battalions has cautioned popular internet sensation, Mmebusem, also known as ‘Local Jesus’ to cease mimicking Jesus or face the wrath of God.

According to the prophet, God has revealed to him that Mmebusem will soon go blind and die if he fails to put an end to his blasphemous act against the Holy Spirit.

In a Facebook live video, Prophet Obrempong CP said “If you don’t listen to what God is saying and depart from your bad ways, you will be cursed. This man is stepping on a tree he’s not supposed to, he’s biting more than he can chew. God’s anger is on Mmebusem because of what he does. God opened my eyes and revealed Mmebusem’s picture to me asking ‘if he can ridicule his chief same way, he does to me? If not, tell him to stop what he’s doing else I’ll reign curses on him and his descendants’.”

He further revealed that Mmebusem’s act is a defamation of the name of Jesus Christ, hence he has caused spiritual contempt, angering God.

“This is purely blasphemy and heaven is not happy about it,” he added.

Moreover, Prophet Obrempong said God ordered him to ask Mmebusem some few questions regarding his blasphemous ways, further warning him to change his ways else die by 2021.

Raising the questions, he said “Why didn’t you use Mohammed’s dressing? God says I should ask you that. Why didn’t you mimic Mohammed, Chief Imam, Komfo Anokye or any other gods or prophet?”

“You’re making a mistake if you think it’s from me…If the devil has given you an assignment to make Christ unpopular, God says I should warn you about it. If you don’t change your mind, by 2021 mark my words, you will die.”

Kumawood actor, Mmebusem has been winning the hearts of many Ghanaians with his skits as ‘Local Jesus’ clad in a white gown, wig, crown of thorns and holding of a lantern.  

Although he has been criticised by others, majority believe it’s pure acting and has nothing to do with blaspheming the Holy Spirit.




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