Music In Ghana Doesn’t Pay – Stephanie Benson

Music In Ghana Doesn’t Pay – Stephanie Benson

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The 51-year-old beautiful mother of five, Stephanie Benson has revealed that music in Ghana does not pay as it should and does elsewhere.

The songwriter stated that she sometimes get shocked when she hears some Ghanaian musicians brag that they have money. Stephanie, also added that she believes they go about making such comments because they might have probably not seen ‘real’ money and as such, they are content with either the four or five figures they make down here and call money.

“The One More” hitmaker, who is also the owner of the Benson Entertainment Production Institute (BEPI) further stated that She has seen people who have a lot of money back in the United Kingdom and can even afford a helipad at the back of their houses but those people do not brag and as such, when she sees Ghanaian musicians brag down here about money, she gets surprised.

Stephanie Benson also intimated that some of the artistes in Ghana sometimes may just get some two million cedis or dollars and begin to brag that they have money but that to her is no money, as someone may just finish that amount in just a year and not break a sweat over it.

Stephanie Benson, however, admitted that one can get a lot of money down here only if that particular individual has a very good brand and get more gigs but not just the music sells but for her, her over hits are huge and she does not like bragging about the money she has.

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