MUST READ: Why Police picked up Bulldog in connection with Fennec Okyere’s death

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The Founder of Bull Haus Entertainment, Lawrence Nana Esiama Hanson, alias Bull Dog, has been arrested in connection with the murder of Mr Emmanuel Fennec Okyere, the Manager of Kwaw Kesse, alias Abodam.
The Homicide Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service arrested Bull Dog Thursday, after two months of hunting for the perpetrators of the alleged murder.
The Director General of the CID, Commissioner of Police (COP ) Mr Prosper Agblor, told the Daily Graphic that Bull Dog, 36, who is alleged to have threatened Fennec on several occasions through voice and text messages, “is in police custody to assist with investigations”.
He said investigations by the police established that Bull Dog, who is also the Manager of dancehall music artiste, Shata Wale, had several confrontations with Fennec and threatened to teach Fennec a lesson.
Citing some of the instances, Mr Agblor said on November 26, 2012, Bull Dog had a confrontation with Fennec during a programme at the Accra International Conference Centre dubbed “Night with the Stars”.
At the programme, organised by Joy FM, an Accra-based radio station, Kwaw Kesse stood on a banner with the inscription: VIP, when he mounted the stage to perform.
It was reported that Bull Dog, who managed VIP, a music trio, was not happy and confronted Fennec over the issue.
Fennec, on the other hand, tried to explain that it was just to prove that Kwaw Kesse was a VIP.
But, according to reports, that explanation did not go down well with the suspect, who organised thugs to chase Fennec and his group away from the programme.
Following the invasion of the thugs, Mr Agblor said, the programme ended abruptly and other musicians scheduled to perform on the night had to go home disappointed, as they could not perform.
Confrontation after radio interview
Later, he said, investigations showed that during an entertainment programme on Peace FM, during which both Fennec and Bull Dog were interviewed, the suspect was offended by the answers provided by Fennec to questions from the host.
“After the programme, Bull Dog called Fennec and threatened to send his boys after him to teach him a lesson and to get rid of him,” Mr Agblor said.
The CID Director General said Fennec retorted that “the boys cannot do him any harm and that he could talk to them to calm down because he too has a group of boys he works with”.
After that response from Fennec, he said, “the phone line went off and Fennec then asked a friend who was with him to call the suspect to thrash out the issue”.
Mr Agblor said when Fennec’s friend, named withheld, called, “the suspect went ahead to threaten that he (Fennec) should never step foot at a said sound engineer’s residence, else his (suspect’s) boys would deal with him”.
Phone calls and text messages
Subsequently, the CID boss said, there were series of threatening voice calls and text messages from unknown persons believed to be agents of the suspect.
The police investigations also established that on March 12, 2014, Fennec received a call from an unknown caller.
Unfortunately, Fennec was found dead at his residence at the Manet Gardens on the Spintex Road the next morning.
“Surprisingly, the suspect went into hiding after the murder of Fennec. The police monitored his house and other places, including entertainment shows, but he failed to show up,” Mr Agblor said.


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