My dreadlocks have no religious influence – Obrafour

My dreadlocks have no religious influence – Obrafour

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Hiplife artiste, Obrafour has indicated that he took a decision to have dreadlocks the very moment he opted to do music and not because of any religious influence.

There have been assertions that followers of the Rastafarian religion wear dreadlocks as part of their spiritual beliefs with reference to a command not to cut one’s hair in Leviticus 21:5.

Others have suggested that the basis for wearing dreadlocks is the belief that Jesus Christ did and as followers of the Son of God, they must emulate.

But Obrafour in an interview with Joy News said the decision to wear dreadlocks was purely for identification.

“My locks do not have any religious influence. This is the way I felt I should look as a musician growing up. When I decided to come into music was when I decided to have this. They were shorter but it’s grown. This is me. I wanted to be identified easily anywhere. If this music seizes, this will go off,” he said.

Asked if he has the intention of quitting the kind of music he does any time soon, Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko, as known in real life, replied that he is not in the position to determine what happens in his life.

“It’s difficult to tell what happens in the future. We are all humans. It is only God who knows what happens ahead of us. Until God says so and I hear in my spirit that God wants me to do something else, no. I wouldn’t want to do anything in my own accord. I’d wait on the Lord. If God says, ‘tonight, this is where I want you to be’, I’m ready,” he noted.





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