My ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ Favoured NPP In 2016 – Yvonne Nelson

My ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ Favoured NPP In 2016 – Yvonne Nelson

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Actress Yvonne Nelson has said that her campaign and subsequent vigil dubbed “Dumsor must stop” campaign played a key role in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) clinching to power from the National Democratic Congress(NDC) in 2016, has filed.

It would be recalled that Yvonne Nelson embarked on the ‘DumsorMustStop Vigil’ to pressure the then government to end the power crises at the time.

The vigil that sought to draw the attention of President John Dramani Mahama to solve the energy crisis the country was facing which was held on May 16, 2015.

Yvonne Nelson brought together her colleague celebrities and Ghanaians who were hurt by the unstable supply of electricity which was affecting productivity in Ghana.

In a tweet, she mentioned that it’s public knowledge that her vigil won the New Patriotic Party some points.

However, she is not a politician and she was not paid to do it but rather, she was exercising her rights as a citizen and an entrepreneur who was been affected by the unstable power supply.

Her tweet read “Who in Ghana doesn’t know my campaign favored them….yes it did!!!! And NO I WASNT PAID TO ORGANIZE IT!!!!!! Fast forward to now……..I’m living my life….they are living theirs. I’m not a politician! Just not YET!”.




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